DDD MC Game Patriot- 2013 Bay Filly aka "MIA"
"Mia" is CBHI, and Sask Bred. She is bred to be an exceptional athlete. Check out her pedigree. Missin Cash Effort crossed with a daughter of Game Patriot....this filly will be turny and fly. Sask Barrel Bonanza, CBHI and Super Stakes. She is in training and absolutely gorgeous under saddle!!!
Missin Cash Effort
AR Missin Cash
Plain Effort
We Hope She Makes It
Game Patriot
The Gray Is Gone
***Super Stakes***
DDD Fabs Judgeleader-2014 filly Born May 15th aka "U.D"
Special Leader SI 103
(Special Effort SI 104 X Miss Eye Opener SI 98)
Foolish Cash Leader
Frenchmans Fabulous
Frenchmans Guy
Casey Charm
(Sun Frost X Frenchman's Lady)
(Tiny Circus X Casey's Ladylove)
Great things to come with this "Fab" filly !!!!! A set of papers like this are very hard to come by!!! We are very excited about this one!!! She is in training and doing exceptional !!!
DDD Harlan Oklahoma- 2013 Gelding aka "LEFTY"
Oklahoma Fuel SI 108 Jet Fuel Yellow Hankie Dynas Daughter SI 84 War Machine SI 95
Dyna star Miss SI 92
Oklahoma Three Scats
Big Honey Harlan
Point De Loup
Harlanders Holly
Harmons Iron Wolf
Sabres Ace Lady
Miss Kim Dial
AR Missin Cash
Missin Cash Effort
Plain Effort
(Miss N Cash X Little Babi Pep)
(Plain Special X Go Swift Queen)
Gallant Mister Arnie
(Gallant Storm X Ms Ringo Nick)
Go Moore Sissy
(Go Moore Bart X Top Flight Sis)
Sheza Gallant Snip
DDD MC Snipn DaCash- 2014 Filly Born April 28th aka "RINGO"
"Ringo" is out of my 1D, CCA, KCRA money earning mare, Snip !!! Crossed with "Missin Cash Effort" this filly will be amazing!!! She is riding like a dream!!!
2015 Colt (Born June 15th) aka "JUDGE"
Missin Cash Effort
AR Missin Cash
Miss N Cash (Dash For Cash SI 114)
Little Babi Pep (Peppy San Badger)
Plain Effort
Plain Special (Special Effort SI 104 )
Go Swift Queen
Judge Cash SI 110 Special Leader SI 103 Special Effort SI 104
Miss Eye Opener SI 98
Law Of Judge Cash
Easy Sadie
He will be exceptional!!!! Pedigree doesn't get much better than this!!!
CBHI Sask Bred !!!!!
Foolish Cash Leader
DDD Dont Judge Me
"Magnet" is Derek's Heel Horse and of coarse has been played around with on the barrel pattern also. This guy maybe on the shorter side but by no means is he little!!! He is stout and strong. He is a rodeo money earner who has carried Derek to many Rodeo finals and has helped Derek concur the 2014 Season Leader and 2014 Finals Championship!!
Magnet is quick to the steer and buries a hip like no other. Derek and Magnet will have many great years ahead of them!
Slippen N Sliden ( Frenchmans Buck X Royal Slider) 2006 Palomino Gelding aka "SLYDER"
"Slyder" is Skye's big baby!!! She has done everything with this guy from pasture work, barrels, poles, break away roping. She has done a great job with him. Skye and Slyder have qualified for many Rodeo finals which proves that she was done a great job training him!!
Pepinics Chick Magnet (Pepinics Master X Smart Tari Rose) - 2008 Gelding aka "MAGNET"
2015 colt Born April 14th aka "Odie"
Missin Cash Effort
Dyna To The Moon
Hes Downrite Special
Special Feelings (Special Effort)
Dyna Snow
Moons Six Marthas
Marthas Six Moons (Six Foals)
Snippies Toro
AR Missin Cash
Miss N Cash (Dash For Cash)
Little Babi Pep (Peppy San Badger)
Plain Effort
Plain Special
Go Swift Queen
He will be MIGHTY with a pedigree and conformation like this!!!
DDD Downrite MC
Our Personal Pen !!!
Lefty is proving to be an exceptional Heel horse and wow does he scoot in the barrel pen also. We are having a pile of fun on this guy.